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My Account: How can I register?

You can register by accessing “My account” on the superior right of the online store’s page and introducing your personal details, before initiating the process of purchase or having all of your products that you need in the shopping cart and processing your order from there. Once completing the registration, an email of confirmation will be sent to your email address welcoming you to our online store. The details you share with us will be saved to our database with the objective of processing the order and facilitating the process of more recent purchases in our online store. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart.

My Account: How can I modify my personal details?

Modifying your details is very simple. You simply have to access your account and edit any details that you want to fix or change.

My Account: What if I forgot what my password is?

If you forgot your password, you can request a new one by introducing your email on the section “Forgot your Password?” or you can request a reminder of your password in My Account. In case of having issues receiving the email with your password’s recovery, please feel free to contact our Customer Service via [email protected] or calling +34 93 117 54 04.

My Account: Wishlist

Create a wishlist with your favorite products for later purchasing them.

My Account: How can I subscribe to your newsletter?

To keep track of the latest news, promotions, tricks and tips, you can subscribe to our newsletter on My Account, in the inferior part of our web’s home page or when you register at first. To quit receiving our newsletter you simply have to go to My Account or by clicking a button located on the bottom of our email sent to your email address.

My first Order: How can I purchase?

  1. Log in to your account with your personal details or register and make yourself an account for our online store.
  2. Choose your products and add them to your shopping cart. You can see an image with its information on every each of our products including description, composition and its price.
  3. If you want to keep shopping while finding yourself in the shopping cart, you can keep navigating through our different categories of products. If you are really done with choosing your products you can start processing the order by clicking the button in the bottom of the Shopping Cart’s page. Before proceeding to payment, you can also modify the quantities for every each of your products or even remove them from your list.
  4. When you decide to proceed to payment, if you are not logged in, the page will directly save your shopping cart and lead you to the process of creating and account or logging in.
  5. If you have a promotional coupon or credit in the store you will be able to use it in your purchase by introducing it in its given slot and the discount will be applied to your total cost.
  6. Fill in both billing and shipping information and or verify if your default addresses are correct to you from past purchases in your account. If you want to modify your account’s billing and shipping information, you can change it in My Account. To avoid any shipping issues, we’d recommend you to fill in your phone number. Your shipping address can be different to your billing address, but we will send your order to the first one.
  7. Select the payment method and introduce your payment details.
  8. Confirm your order and proceed through your payment. You will receive an email of confirmation on your account’s email address including your order’s details.

My first Order: May I purchase a product that may be currently out of stock on the online store?

If you see an “out of stock” product, or there are none left of your size, you can contact us in Customer Service via [email protected] or calling +34 93 117 54 04. . We will inform you if the product is in process of replacement.

My first Order: Where can I send my order online?

WOM & NOW sends to countries within the European Union (EU).

Austria Bélgica Alemania Dinamarca Finlandia Francia Gran Bretaña Grecia Hungría Irlanda Italia Luxemburgo Holanda Noruega Polonia Portugal Eslovaquia Eslovenia España Suecia Mónaco Bulgaria Chipre Estonia Croacia Letonia Lituania Malta Rep. Checa Rumanía

My first Order: When will I receive my order?

All orders for both Spain and the European Union are shipped with UPS and delivered within 48-72 hours.

My first Order: My Order Status

To track your order you have to first login into the online store. Click on the button “My Orders” in “My Account” and you’ll be able to keep track of your orders. In case of having some sort of issue, feel free to contact us in Customer Service via [email protected] or by calling at +34 93 117 54 04.

My first Order: Can I modify the products or details of my order?

Once you’ve already processed and paid your order, you can modify by contacting our Customer Service via [email protected] or by calling at +34 93 117 54 04.. We only accept modifications if the order has still not been sent to its destination. If you wish to add new products to your purchase that modify your total cost, you will have to make another purchase separately.

My first Order: How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order and request a refund of the paid import and only when your order has not been sent yet to its destination. To do this, you will have to contact with our Customer Service via [email protected] or by calling at +34 93 117 54 04.. If your order has already been sent, you can always return it and we will proceed it to its refund.

My first Order: Customer Service

To contact our online store’s Customer Service, feel free to email us at [email protected] or by calling at +34 93 117 54 04 (Our telephonic services work from Mondays to Fridays and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

Payment methods: Safe Payment

With the objective of offering the maximum security, our online store uses and functions with safe payment systems in collaboration with financial entities of first line on electronic commerce. Confidential details of payment are directly transmitted in encrypted form (SSL) to the corresponding financial entity.

Payment methods: Accepted payment methods

You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal.

WOM & NOW reserves the right to reject any operation made with your credit card. In this case, we will proceed to reintegrate the corresponding import in the original card.

The credit in the shop is virtual money that links to a single personal account. This can come from a previous back or granted to a person for a timely promotion.

The credit in the shop can only be used in the online store of WOM & NOW and has no expiration date. You can use it to pay orders without needing your credit card or any other payment method, unless your order exceeds the total amount of credit you have. In this case, you will have to pay the rest. If you don’t use all of the credit on your order, the remaining amount will be saved in your account, for you to be able to use it on future orders.

Payment methods: What do I do if my credit card is not accepted?

If your credit card doesn’t work or has been rejected, make sure that you have correctly introduced the required information. If the error/issue persists, your credit card may be expired or it may be experiencing some sort of issue with its bank. Revise that your card doesn’t exceed its due date or contact with your back to fix the problem.

Sending, changes and returns: Sending expenses

The expenses of shipping are completely free. If you need to return an order, you can send the package through any transport system of your choice, although we recommend that it is sent in a certified way to assure a major security in its transport. We don’t take charges of any occasional incidents during a process of return. WOM & NOW will not accept returns that have any shipping postage due or customs costs, for which if we encounter with this incident, the package will be sent back to the customer.

Sending, changes and returns: What if there is no one at the order’s destination by the time it is arriving there?

If the messenger company can’t find anyone to receive the package, it will try to be delivered some other day or the company will call the number of the indicated contact on the order’s information including a phone number to set a new date and time of delivery. If you have any restrictions on your date and time of delivery please feel free to contact us via email [email protected] or by calling at +34 93 117 54 04to inform about your preferences.

Sending, changes and returns: How can I perform a return of one of my orders?

If any of your products doesn’t convince you, you can return it right after you receive it and have a range of 28 days to send it back. To do this, you have to take charges of the sending expenses and send it to our offices. However, there is the exception of the order having a defective product or an error. The address for returning it is the following: P-mac’s Store S.L. C/ Neptú, 10 08228 Terrassa Barcelona (España) When you prepare the package for returning it, remember to introduce and fill out the returning questionnaire to be able to identify your order when receiving it. We fully appreciate that you tell us the reason of your returning to improve the experience of purchase for our clients. Once we receive the return, we will contact you to negotiate the refund of your order. It is important that the products that you return are in the same conditions as when you received them. They can’t be used or harmed and have to be conserved on its original wrap.

Sending, changes and returns: What should I do if I receive a defective product?

We will admit the return of defective products or erroneous orders, in which WOM & NOW takes charges of the sending expenses as long as the client communicates this circumstance in a range of 48 hours from the day of his/her order’s reception. If the return is not because of it being defective or erroneous in the sense of its destination, the sending expenses will not be refunded. In this case, the client will be the one taking charges of the transport for returning it back and including expenses. Any possible doubts related to this, please feel free to contact us via [email protected] or by calling at +34 93 117 54 04.

Offers, promotions and promotional codes: Promotions and punctual offers

Promotions are not accumulative, unless it’s been shown to be the opposite in the communication of these.

Offers, promotions and promotional codes: How do I add a discount coupon to my order?

If you have received a discount coupon for the online store of WOM & NOW and wish to exchange it on your order, you have to introduce the code in the shopping cart before paying.

Offers, promotions and promotional codes: How do I use a Gift Card to pay my order?

If you count on a Gift Card that’s valid for the online store of WOM & NOW and wish to exchange it in your order, you have to introduce the code to the card in your shopping cart before paying.

Guarantee of Originality

All of our products are original and none of them have been modified or manipulated, following the trademark current regulations.